Support for Danielle

A message to Danielle’s multitude of supporters.

Thank you…

…to all of the 500+ people who have known or met Danielle over the years who have sent messages of support and unfaltering faith in her.

We all know, as those who do not know her cannot, that she is completely innocent of the charges of which she was convicted.

The reason why we know that she is innocent – and a victim of a terrible miscarriage of justice – is that the¬†allegations against her were not just ‘out of character’ in a way which can be brushed off – they are the absolute antithesis of everything she has ever stood for, to a level which makes it absolutely impossible for her to commit them.

Her kindness, compassion, integrity and selfless consideration for others are stamped through her like writing through a stick of rock. She is one of the finest human beings we have all known and that cannot be destroyed by the unsubstantiated and contradictory allegations of a single individual.

Danielle has been a beacon of popularity for all of her many students, male and female, over the past 30+ years with not a single breath of controversy.

A notable feature of the ‘Me too’ era is to show that predatory sexual behaviour is not a one-off, but a repeating pattern. When someone complains, others show up. In Danielle’s case, many other people have indeed come forward: former students, their parents and colleagues – every single one of them to show support and belief in Danielle’s innocence.

It is notable that, on the same day that Danielle was sentenced, it was reported that over 97% of criminal lawyers complained of disclosure failings and over 400 believed that there had been wrongful convictions or miscarriages of justice.

But if failings of disclosure of collected evidence can lead to miscarriages of justice, what about situations where such evidence cannot be collected in the first place because the alleged offences took place over 30 years ago?

Add that to a vagueness of detail and time in the allegations, which suit the complainant, and the inherent obstruction of defendants’ ability to produce evidence to counteract them, and we’re led to a ‘perfect storm’ of opportunity for wrongful convictions.

For an example, look no further.


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