Teaching testimonials

Performance Anxiety Course
Ashwell, Herts – 
June 2013
Clarsach Society London & South-East Branch

This course made me realise that other people felt the same way as me, and that I wasn’t the only person to suffer from nerves.

Danielle is the perfect person to lead this course as not only is she a fantastic harpist, she is extremely personable and lovely, and made us all feel at ease straight away. She had some really interesting and helpful tips and thoughts on the subject, and encouraged us all to share our thoughts too.
The Performance Skills Workshop helped me more understand the psychology of performance. The biggest revelation was that what I hear and what others experience are two very different things.

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Benslow Harp Course 2012

My time on the Benslow Harp Course was the peak experience of my harping year. The days were so well-planned, with Pilates classes in the morning to set us up for a healthy and lively day of playing, and then a balance of solo repertoire, focused around each course members’ individual interests, and chamber music.

The musical magic came from putting discussion and execution of harp technique into practice in order to illuminate the repertoire expressively. It was a joy to play in such a supportive environment, where anxieties about performance stresses were tackled pragmatically, and with lots of humour! We covered Impromptus through to Tarantulas, as well as finding time to work with members from other courses to put together performances by the end of the week.

My harp playing, and my understanding of harp music benefited hugely from Danielle Perrett’s inspiring teaching style.

Mary Anne Barclay

Adjudicating testimonials

Norwich March 2013

I loved the constructive way you spoke to all the performers, young and old.   Everyone will have gone home feeling better about themselves and their playing/performance, including me who didn’t dare play….I will next year, though!
Sara Rochfort

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Had to rush off at the end, but wanted to say what a lovely day I’ve had, despite the terror of playing in the adult class! You were so generous in your comments……. So thank you very much for this. And for the lovely concert. And the Pilates, I must buy your book. Thank you again.
Su Summers

Masterclass testimonials

New Zealand. Dec. 2012

The New Zealand Harp Society was very privileged to host Danielle Perrett for a teachers evening and two masterclasses, one in Christchurch and one in Auckland, during her time in NZ at the end of 2012. We are very grateful to Danielle for sharing her advice and expertise with us.

As audience we weren’t going to be left out of the masterclass experience and were repeatedly asked for our feedback on interpretation, dynamics and atmosphere.
We were able to see just how much effort it takes to make a change in your practised performance, and how a greater contrast in dynamics really enhances the performance for the audience.

We were shown a wide variety of performances from very casual to formal, which (from a teachers’ point of view) gives much food for student’s thoughts!
Anna Dunwoodie

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A masterclass experience
with Danielle Perrett

One day, Yi Jin (my harp teacher) asked whether I would like to play in a master class. I was a bit reluctant at first as I was afraid I might make a fool out of myself and I had no idea what a master class was like. But after some thought, thinking I’ll probably want to play anyway if I were to listen to the master class, also it was a very good opportunity to learn from such an outstanding harpist. So in the end I decided to participate…

At the master class I was feeling a bit nervous… My mind went blank at one point and ended up playing something twice, also played some wrong notes. I was glad when I finished playing the piece. Afterwards, I found Danielle lightened up the situation very quickly and soon it became something fun with Danielle pointing out the various places where I could improve on.

Being in a masterclass was quite different from playing on your own or even in a concert because you got to receive feedback from the audience and then improved your playing immediately with the guidance of a master harpist. From playing and listening to others in the master class,

All harp students should definitely participate in a master class if they had the opportunity. Being in a masterclass doesn’t mean you are embarrassing yourselves in front of a crowd of people. The whole idea is to learn to become a better harpist, together.

One could think of it as a harp lesson with multiple students and these students included the audience as well, not only the player. It does not matter if you started late in your harp learning or only learnt harp for a few years. The most important thing is your will to improve your harp playing.
Helen Tang (Auckland)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

We are completely new to harp with my daughter only starting to learn a few months ago, so today’s Harp Master Class was extremely interesting.

I attended feeling tired and contemplating trying to get a short snooze during the session but once things got started, I found it much too interesting to notice my tiredness.
It was great to hear the harp played by more advanced players, which both my daughter and I found inspirational, but mostly we gained from the excellent advice Danielle was giving.

Comments on posture, movement of arms and positioning hands along the strings, the importance of dynamics, interpreting the written directives and creating the ‘feel’ or tone of the composition.

Even for a beginner these were useful and I hope will be helpful in creating good habits from that will be of benefit both at these beginning stages and also as my daughter’s playing becomes more advanced.
Natalie Donaldson (Auckland)

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It was a great pleasure to attend Danielle Perrett’s masterclass which I found most interesting and informative. I must congratulate the four students who took part.
They were soon put at ease after playing their chosen pieces.

Danielle worked on interpretation as well as technique, getting them to try different technical approaches to some difficulties. She stressed it was important to be flexible enough to experiment using different techniques finding which proved the most sucessful for them.

We all have different physical capabilities which will impact on our playin. There was no hint of criticism, only ideas to make some passages more easily playable and clarify the interpretation.

Margaret Leman (Auckland)