Danielle has been an examiner for Trinity College, London for many years, examining many thousands of candidates and has trained many new examiners. As an experienced senior examiner, she has travelled to various parts of the world, examining students on all the orchestral instruments, plus piano, organ and other instruments such as drum kit and electronic keyboard.
She has also an examined for Trinity’s Rock and Pop syllabus.

Danielle has also devised the harp syllabuses, introducing an unprecedented syllabus for non-pedal harp from Initial Grade to Performer’s Certificate.

As a result of this Danielle has written a book,
Harp Studies and Exercises (published by Trinity College London), containing over 80 pages of technical studies and starter technical exercises for all levels from Initial to Grade 8.  [see review].

This supercedes her previous book, Technical Development for Harpists.

Danielle believes that the time she has spent assessing so many candidates has helped hone her skills, not only as an examiner, but also as a teacher and adjudicator.