harpist, Danielle PerrettShort Biography

DANIELLE PERRETT has a firmly established career both as a soloist and as a chamber music player. She gained diplomas in harp playing whilst still at school just five years after taking up the instrument, and she can trace her harp tuition lineage back to several of the great virtuoso harpist-composers of the 19th century. Subsequently, she gained a Master’s degree in Performance & Related Studies at Goldsmiths’ College, London University.

She specialises in solo and chamber music on both modern and late eighteenth century harps and her recordings have been highly acclaimed. Danielle’s career has seen her perform solo and chamber music in the USA, Canada, Australasia, South East Asia, India, Hong Kong, Japan, the Middle East, Africa and all over Europe.

She has also worked with students and their teachers around the world giving masterclasses and workshops as well as adjudicating. She has adjudicated the UFAM celtic harp competition in Paris, the Queensland Harp Competition in Australia and the London Harp Competition.

Danielle has broadcast a great deal internationally and writes articles and reviews about harp related and other musical topics. She composes, edits and arranges harp music as well as researching the instrument and its repertoire from the late eighteenth to the early nineteenth centuries. An examiner for Trinity College London, Danielle devised their international harp syllabuses.

Danielle’s interest in good posture and healthy performance practice also led to her becoming a qualified Pilates teacher and she specialises in teaching this to harpists and other musicians.

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