Downloading individual tracks or complete recordings on the Beartramka label

Downloading music (even legally!) is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to buying physical CDs and there are 2 companies from whom you can obtain Beartramka recordings this way. Please click on the links below.


If you have Apple’s iTunes application you can instantly download individual tracks or entire CDs more cheaply than buying the disc. If you don’t have iTunes on your computer, you can download iTunes free here

‘F.J. Naderman – 7 Sonates Progressives’, CLICK HERE

‘The Firebird’s Feather’, CLICK HERE

‘Castle Music’, CLICK HERE

(the iTunes application needs to be active for this service and may launch automatically.
You may get a warning message.)

CD Baby

Album only. You can buy the entire album as one zip download, which includes the MP3s, a JPG of the album art, and a text file of song-titles and album notes.

These are regular MP3 files that play easy on ANY MP3 player, whether iPod, mobile phone, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. No DRM! (Digital Rights Management – it means you are not prevented from copying it between your computers)

The MP3s are encoded at top-audiophile-quality (~200k VBR), higher than iTunes or any other major store.

F.J. Naderman – 7 Sonates Progressives

The Firebird’s Feather – Russian Romantic Harp Music

Castle Music (Danielle Perrett – hp & Karin Leitner – fl)

Prices: US$12.97 per album.

N.B As CD Baby is based in the USA, prices are in US Dollars